Patrick Lilley

Patrick is CEO of Emerald Logic. Emerald

Patrick is CEO of Emerald Logic. Emerald’s mission is to make personalized medicine a reality, in order to reduce patient suffering, treatment costs, and drug development risk. Emerald’s bio-inspired signal processing technology is proven to solve problems that no other analytics method can.  The company’s customers include major Pharma, renowned clinics, and world-class research institutions.  Patrick has spent the last 25 years driving growth and innovation in biotech, software, high-performance computing, and mobile wireless.  He is a veteran of hyper-growth through every stage from start-up to $4.5 billion in annual revenue, and has conducted business on every continent except Antarctica.  Patrick was CEO of two startups prior to co-founding Emerald Logic, one sold to HP for $160 million and one to European investors for 10X return in one year.  He was VP, Operations of an additional startup that Microsoft bought for $275 million.  Patrick holds 10 patents in artificial intelligence, disease prognosis, compression, and embedded computing.  He has guest lectured at Caltech, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, USC, Brandman University, and UC Irvine.  He holds a BA in Economics and an MBA specializing in strategy and quantitative finance, both from UC Irvine.