Matthew Nunez

Matthew, the Co Founder, Chairman and CEO

Matthew, the Co Founder, Chairman and CEO of Blueprint Bio, an industry leading biomarker discovery and licensing company. Matthew has 15 years of operational and investing experience across several technology industries. He is currently Chairman, Co Founder and CEO of Blue Pen Biomarkers, a joint venture between University of Pennsylvania, BluePrint Bio, and Emerald Logic. This joint venture is the world’s only comprehensive multi-omic biomarker discovery platform serving both the research and pharma industries.

Matthew is a Board Director of Emerald Logic, the industry leader in signal processing-based ‘omic analysis in biomarker discovery, clinical trial enrichment and drug response research. Matthew is also a Board Director and Advisor at Lyceum Pharmaceuticals , Inc. combines unique genomic intellectual property with a novel R&D strategy to develop qualitatively superior pharmaceuticals. Lyceum’s technology grows out of research from University of California, Irvine Professor Michael R. Rose. Lyceum combines three key tools: 1. Selection: which is used to produce model populations with extreme functions or disorders; 2. Genomics: which is used to identify all the molecular genetic changes which underlie such disorders or functions; 3. Functional physiology: which is used to determine the biological mechanisms that connect the genome to particular functions or disorders. Our unique evolutionary genomic approach places Lyceum in the position to find the next generation of pharmaceuticals.

Matthew has been instrumental in several public and private company launches and has been an activist investor in a variety of technology industries. For the past several years he has been cultivating strategies to advance medical research by accelerating the integration of biomarker discovery for use in prognostics, diagnostics and course of treatment. His extensive relationships in the technology, financial, and operational sectors of industry have enabled him to develop this vision into the current ecosystem of companies.