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About Us

Personalized medicine is about getting the right treatments to the right people at the right time. We believe that this requires a quantum leap in technology and know-how.

By aligning ourselves with the right scientists, data analysis experts, and thought leaders we can identify and bring to market solutions that will fulfill the promise of personalized medicine. We turn intellectual property into commercial and social value.

By identifying, protecting and offering new biological discoveries to the medical community BlueprintBio effectively becomes the marketplace of the personalized medicine world.




About Us Meet The Team



Meet The Team

BlueprintBio’s team of management and advisors is comprised of leading individuals in research, capital markets,
intellectual property and licensing – creating a complete chain that can effectively
turn intellectual property into practical value.





Matthew Nunez

Matthew, the Co Founder, Chairman and CEO of Blueprint Bio, an industry leading biomarker discovery and licensing company.

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Patrick Lilley

Patrick is CEO of Emerald Logic. Emerald’s mission is to make personalized medicine a reality, in order to reduce patient suffering …

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